Relate Mindfully | Relational Therapy, Art Therapy and Mindfulness in Lewes, Sussex

Welcome to Relate Mindfully

We are a counselling and psychotherapy
practice, based in Lewes, Sussex,
offering in-person and on-line therapy.

We are dedicated to supporting Couples,
Individuals and Groups to more skilfully navigate
the turbulance of being in relationship and the
unpredictable ups and downs of life.

About us

We are committed to offering a relational experience
that supports our clients to feel seen, heard, acknowledged
and understood; a vital emotional experience in support
of the healing process.

Finding the right therapist for you

We understand the challenge in finding a therapist.
Connection can only be tested in relationship.

If our approach to therapy is what you are looking for,
we offer a 20 minute on-line consultation at no charge.

Please email us


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